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Support Underserved Vets with Pets

A veterans best friend is often their pet that stands by their side 365. San Diego has the second highest homeless veteran population in America and often times a pet accompanies that underserved veteran. Due to financial constraints, veterans are unable to provide for themselves and their pets. Basic animals rights include food, water, shelter, healthcare, and basic necessities that are needed to allow a pet and veteran to live a long life filled with love and joy. Relieving the financial burden for a veteran in need will assist them and their pet tremendously! We will be accepting donations for dog & cat food, leashes, collars, bowls, pet toys, brushes & combs, pet carriers, and the list goes on! Bring your pet and lets turn this into a great community solution oriented event. Stay tuned for more details to come. Location: Nate's Point Dog Park (2500 Balboa Dr. SD, CA 92103)

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